China to open chemical umbrella over Beijing Olympics

We know many of you will be in Beijing in August 2008 to watch the Olympics. But many of you may not be so keen on sport (or beach volleyball) and be looking for alternative destinations to spend the summer. Where should you go? Honestly we have no idea – but we do know that unless you are Scottish or something and have a penchant for rain you do not want to be approximately 50 miles (that’s 90 kilometres for the Eurotrash) from Beijing.

The capital’s Artificial Weather Management Office (and does anyone know another country with one of those?) is planning to use aircraft, missiles and cannons to create a massive umbrella over the city to keep athletes (and everyone else presumably) dry during the Olympics. Artificial rain is normally created by seeding clouds with chemicals such as silver iodide spread by rockets and planes. We have no idea what happens to you if you are under a cloud burst of silver iodide! Probably nothing particularly good.

Paul French, Asia Editor

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