China at Copenhagen, some fallout

From our China editor, Paul French, in Shanghai:

As promised following my round up of the green issue in China in the December issue of the magazine (Is China ready to go green? – some follow up.

In the article I spoke to two veteran China environment watchers – Isabel Hilton of China Dialogue and Jonathan Watts, The Guardian’s first Asia environment Correspondent and based in Beijing.

They were fairly positive but deadlines being deadlines the article was polished off pre-Copenhagen.

The widely read and well regarded China blog Danwei has now followed up with an interview with Watts on the fall out from Copenhagen and, in particular, China’s role in scuppering the deal.

His view has a special resonance in China as Mark Lynas’s article in the Guardian claiming that China scuppered the deal on purpose and deliberately has led to an outpouring of comment on the Chinese blogosphere – some of it rational (and maybe more but we cannot know what has been doctored or censored by the Net Nanny) but most of it attacks on Lynas (some of which appear state orchestrated – Beijing’s paid bloggers).

Anyway, here’s Watts take post-Copenhagen that hopefully adds a little flesh to the bones of my column in Ethical Corporation.

(PS: readers may wish to note that Danwei.org is a blocked site in China itself)

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