Cheer up, low carbon firms make more cash than defence

In these dark days of eco-pessimism and political shilly-shallying around issues from waste to human rights to the forthcoming non-event of Copenhagen, some good news is always welcome.

So it comes, in the form of some semi-speculative numbers from HSBC.

The bank claims that the companies selling low carbon goods and services now generate more cash than the aerospace and ‘defence’ industries combined.

The FT claims that: “Listed companies in the climate change sector – including renewable-power generators, nuclear, energy management, water and waste companies – reached a global turnover of $534bn in 2008, according to HSBC. The aerospace and defence sector was worth $530bn, the international bank said.”

By 2020 revenues from the industry are expected to top two trillion.

That ought to brighten up your day. It did mine.

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