The dangers of circular economy thinking

In this short five minute video, Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, founder of The Natural Step, talks about circular economy as a means and not as a goal in itself. The circular economy is only a small part of being sustainable, and there’s a risk it may get sidelined along with so many other paradigms, suggests Robèrt….

Product passports pros and cons

While legislators warm to the concept, the circular economy debate may have already left product passports behind  Could product passports be part of the push to the circular economy? Product passports are a set of information on the components and materials that a product contains, with details about how the product can be dismantled. When…

Circular economy on a roll

From the Innovation Forum weekly eBrief. Sign up and read More on all this is here. The limits to what the circular economy could deliver seem endless – but there may be a danger in focusing on circularity for circularity’s sake  The circular economy bandwagon is starting to roll at speed, judging from a continuing flood of…

Weekend reading: Good recent FT debate about the pros and cons of “Shared Value”

Ah, bless, if only it was that simple… I know lot of you out there have read about, and even used, the term “Shared Value” in recent years.  Some of you have based your corporate approaches to sustainable and responsible businesses on it, or have said you have been influenced by it.  The fact that…

  • Apr 25, 2014
  • Circular Economy
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