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Can 50,000 Slideshare views be wrong?

Yes they can, of course.

I am not actually sure who uses, aside from me.

But apparently the population of Monaco equivalent has viewed my random presentations on CSR and sustainable business and corporate governance etc, on there in the last 12 months.

They tell me, ego-boostingly, that I am in the top 1% of posters of presentations.

That’s the only top 1% I am ever likely to be in so I will take it, faux as it may be.

Of course if the actual population of Monaco HAD looked at my presentations (the real 1%) the world might be a slightly better place. Maybe.

Anyhow, my most popular presentations were picture based (whaddya know?) and focused on strategy, trends, mega trends, history and the context of sustainable business and corporate responsibility.

Interested folks can take a look here, apparently. Scroll down to see the top four.

Or save some time and go straight to my main page here. Lots of presentations and some free analysis.

You’ve heard of Big Data. This is Small Data. But it is interesting to see what is popular eh.

I hope the presentations I put up are of some vague interest.

They were fun to make and deliver for sure.