Campaigners need to aim for global

I haven’t yet heard about a major emerging market company that’s significantly changed practices based on the activities of a social or environmental campaign group.

I am sure there are some. If readers know examples I’d love to know who they are.

A friend of mine raised this very point over dinner last night.

His argument was that groups such as Greenpeace, Global Witness, WWF (when they used to do campaigning), and others, tend to focus still on the Western brands for change.

The logic is easy to understand: Go after the big vulnerable brands who care about their reputation, and persuade them to influence the supply chain, as with this current campaign against Nike and Adidas.

It has worked very well before, as Mike Harrison, chief brand officer at Timberland, told me back in June.

But at some point soon, campaign groups (such as they are right now), will need to score a big emerging market brand victory.

Perhaps there have been some without Western company pressure, I don’t know. If I missed that, let me know.

(John Morrison of the Institute of Human Rights and Business believes that in some ways, electronics suppliers in Asia are further ahead than the big Western brands who buy from them. More on that here)

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