Building a (more) sustainable supply chain from scratch

Here’s a ten page corporate focus report we produced last month on developing greener and more sustainable supply chains.

What’s interesting about this case, of Truvia, a Cargill brand, in Argentina, is the holistic approach taken in building a more sustainable supply chain from scratch.

It’s not a perfect initiative. Nothing is. But as innovation around social and environmental issues takes further hold in business, it’s a good example of what can be achieved with some advance planning around new, healthier products.

Disclosure is needed here: Cargill sponsored the research. But we felt we maintained our editorial integrity. We paid for the journalist to go to the farms and his expenses and fees. And our work could only be fact-checked by the company, not changed beyond factual errors (there were none).

Finally, Charles Secrett, one of the world’s leading environmentalists, wrote an op-ed (see end of PDF) offering challenges. Here’s a podcast from him recently.

Yes Charles worked with Cargill/Truvia as an adviser on the project, but anyone who knows him, knows well that he is a man who could never be bought. His integrity is beyond question.

We’re aware Cargill is a controversial company for many environmentalists. But every large company needs a tipping point to take sustainability seriously.

My sincere hope is that Cargill is past that point and despite many clear challenges, understands what needs to be done in the coming years.

The Truvia example certainly shows the team in that unit grasp the issues well, and have taken their work very seriously.

The hope of course, is for more products produced this way, over time.

Some of you, of course, may feel Ethical Corporation has ‘sold out’ by producing this kind of work.

If you do, we’ll take that on the chin, listen to your views and respond.

Here’s a direct link to the Truvia Corporate Focus PDF on SlideShare.

And here’s a podcast with Truvia’s business leader, Zanna McPherson.

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