Bribery risks on the BBC, but does it mean much?

The BBC’s flagship news programme Today has a piece this morning on the UK Bribery Act and ramifications for British business.

UK folks can listen to it here.

I think non-UK readers may be able to get the piece on the BBC’s iTunes page here.

At Ethical Corporation we see conflicting trends in anti-corruption.

On the one hand there’s lots of warning about what the UK Bribery Act and beefed-up US legislation will mean for large companies working in bribe-prone areas of the world (i.e. pretty much anywhere).

On the other you don’t see many executives attending events on the topic compared with two or three years ago.

Perhaps that has more to do with conference budgets than the overall trend.

But I can’t help thinking that UK firms won’t take the Bribery Act seriously until some big scalps pay a price for bribery, if our Serious Fraud Office can finally deliver on its mandate. That was the case, largely, in the US.

I’m off to the Control Risks “Riskmap 2011” conference on Wednesday.

I’ll report back on anything interesting that comes out of it.

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