Bribery and ethical investors

Socialfunds.com reports that UK socially responsible investment houses may be becoming more interesting in what large companies are doing on bribery and corruption.

With fines going up and up, and censure now also able to affect individual directors of companies, even if they didn’t know what was happening, investors ought to be more interested than many are in the potential of a bribery case to impact shareholder value.

According to SocialFunds.com:

“…the risk to investors of poor corporate performance on bribery by their portfolio companies is significant. EIRIS devotes the concluding section of its report to recommendations for investors seeking to promote good practice. It recommends that investors implement bribery considerations into their investment decision-making process, and focus their engagement with companies on transparency and reporting.”

We’ve got an event coming up soon in D.C. on this topic. More here.

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