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Brands and campaigning, a couple of good examples

Big companies often find it hard to come across as sincere. When it comes to difficult social and environmental issues, doing so is even more difficult. So when you come across an example or two of companies taking on a challenging social or environmental issue and communicating in a compelling way, it’s worth stopping to take a look.

Here’s a few recent examples I’ve seen. The first two are from Diageo, the drinks company. The second set are from Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company. Both firms are well known proponents of social and environmental responsibility.

If you are interested in how brands can be authentic voices for social and environmental good, they are all worth watching. The Diageo videos are shorter, but I’d suggest watching them all.

The links will come out a bit differently below, as two of the videos are on Bing and two on YouTube.

First up, the Diageo videos, then Patagonia below.

Refugees in Greece (A short documentary about the Greek islanders of Lesvos and how they helped refugees from Syria)

Peace in Colombia (Similarly short and compelling doc/ad about how different actors come together for peace in Colombia)

Patagonia videos, which are a little longer, on repairing clothing, and sustainable agriculture are below:


Upcoming debate-driven business conferences from Innovation Forum:

(Disclosure: I and my company have worked with both companies in different ways)

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