Big brands and illegal logging

The Washington Post has just run a great story on timber sourcing, and how little of it is certified even among companies who win ethics plaudits.

Chinese, Russian, Indonesian and Malaysian corruption are all detailed, as is how much wood is coming out of Burma, for comparatively tiny bribes paid.

Both Ikea and Home Depot are featured, both admit sourcing less than 5% of their timber via the FSC due to scale and costs.

While their targets are ambitious compared with current percentages, this excellent story shows the scale of the problem.

Most worrying is just how quickly many of the world’s forests are set to run out of hardwoods and other species over the next couple of decades.

Click on the title above to read the story on the WP’s site. Or on:


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  1. had trouble to find the link for the article, although it’s well explained at the end…

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