Bennett Freeman on climate change, Google, and business/human rights

Avid readers will notice that co-incidentally, we’ve published a couple of pieces promoting the views of Bennett Freeman, senior vice president of policy and research at Calvert recently.

I’m posting about them on here because Bennett is in an excellent position to comment on the above topics, working as he does for the biggest bespoke ethical investor in the US, Calvert.

Here’s an extendend Q&A and a lengthy podcast you ought to find useful if you are interested in the cutting edge of the US corporate responsibility agenda (indeed the global agenda):

Investors, heavy industry and human rights in 2010: Has the responsibility agenda made a difference?

Bennett Freeman of Calvert answers questions from Rob Foulkes on investor engagement with big companies, and discusses progress made on business and human rights in general, and specifically John Ruggie’s work, Equatorial Guinea, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights


The state of SRI in the US, climate politics and predictions, and Google in China

Toby Webb speaks with Bennett Freeman, senior vice president of sustainability research and policy at Calvert Investments, the largest individual US socially responsible investment firm, about US politics, climate change, Google in China, and the state of the SRI market in 2010.

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