Bad ideas and the case for stakeholder engagement

As I’m sure most you reading this blog know, stakeholder engagement is a good idea.

But as we also know, many companies are still not very good at it.

It’s an art, and a bit of a science. (all processes must be managed somehow)

For a big picture ‘business case’ for engagement, you needn’t look any further than this article from Foreign Policy by Stephen Walt, a professor at Harvard.

It’s called: “Where Do Bad Ideas Come From? And why don’t they go away?“.

It’s a fabulous and short(ish) summary of mistakes repeated in foreign policy, and why/how they happened, and continue to happen. It also looks at why we don’t seem to learn from the past, using a half century of global politics and conflict to make the point.

It’s conclusion? That: “Vigorous, unfettered, yet civil debate remains the most reliable mechanism for acquiring greater wisdom for the future”.

You may not want to read the whole article now I have given the ending away, but I think it would be worth it if you did. Perhaps give it to your CEO too.

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