BAA’s sustainable communications hit the spot

In our latest magazine issue our sage-like columnist Peter Knight offers some salient advice on CR reporting:

“A reporting history – and good performance – is enabling companies to produce with impunity easily accessible microsites, brochures, videos, internal communications campaigns, advertisements, blogs and incessant tweets. They can message as much as they want because they know the supporting evidence is within reach of those who want the detail.”

And so it is with BAA, the UK airport operator that has been reporting well for years. Their latest ‘issue brief‘ is a compelling piece of communication.

This is just the kind of corporate responsibility communication that resonates. It’s issue specific in a material way, it is short and well written, and it airs some difficult issues for which the solutions are complex. And I know that if I want to, I can go to BAA’s website and get data on this issue, and others, without having it all thrust at me at once.

These types of communications are the future of reporting outreach. Top marks to BAA.

(Details of our big annual best practice in reporting and communications conference coming up soon can be found here)

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  1. Agreed. His latest column on sustainability messaging in reporting was excellent. I tweeted it and intended to make it the subject of a blog post but didn't get to it. Yet.

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