Award winning companies and corporate responsibility

Somehow I forgot to mention in previous posts that our Ethical Corporation 2010 award winners were announced on May 4th at an excellent (If I say so myself) awards dinner in London.

There were ten categories and some amazing entries. 150 companies and organisations entered, from L’Oreal to the Metropolitan Police. Our editorial team whittled the entries down to a shortlist of around 50, which were then presented to our judges, details of whom you can find here.

The complete list of who was highly commended and who won is at this link. For photos and a shorter version, take a look here.

We had a bit of fun awarding Sinar Mas / Asia Pulp and Paper our Greenwasher award. We didn’t ask them if they wanted to come and pick it up as we thought they would not be keen. See the photos of who did pick it up at the last link above.

I thought some of the entries really showed how business is evolving strategy around sustainability.

My picks of the companies are: Pepsi, Timberland, Continental Clothing, Produce World, and GSK. Full details as to why they won are here. See what you think.

More details in our June issue, out very soon. Have a look here for what’s in the current issue and subscription options.

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