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Asking some tough questions about plastics

Later in 2018, we’re convening a meeting about plastics and sustainability in Amsterdam. So what? You might say, you and everyone else, too. Well, yes, good point you might raise, but our plan is a different one. We don’t seek to demonise plastics, as so many are doing right now. We’re taking a more nuanced approach, below, and I hope you can join us.

Here’s what we’re working on:

Why (some) plastics are essential – and how collaboration will make them sustainable

Overcome barriers to collaboration, and drive progress that works for consumers, the environment, utility and business reality 

A two-day business conference, Amsterdam, 16th-17th October 2018

This two-day business conference will be held under the Chatham House Rule. It will feature retailers, brands, manufactures, waste industry managers, suppliers of plastics, policymakers, R&D and innovative start-ups, solutions providers and key NGOs. The conference format will be of facilitated debate and discussion. PowerPoint and boring videos are banned.

Key points for discussion include:

·     How to help consumers understand the nuances of the plastics debate – and what your company is doing about plastics

·     How to work with design, R&D and recyclers to make lightweight design and plastics recycling effective

·     How do we talk to governments, national, regional and municipal, about joining up approaches?

·     HOW we avoid being accused of using collaboration as a cloak for business as usual

·     The practical implications of a cutting-edge plastics strategy – what’s realistic for your company, and what’s not

·     How business, NGOs, media and government can work together to prevent the unintended environmental consequences around removing plastics

Speakers already include:

·     Juan Manuel Bañez Romero, European Manager of Government Relations, Mars        

·     Tom Domen, Global Head of Long Term Innovation, Ecover       

·     Jon Khoo, Innovation Partner, Interface    

·     Louise Edge, European Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace

·     Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability, Surfdome

·     Nick Hill, Senior Technical Specialist, Conservation for Communities, Marine & Freshwater Programme,Zoological Society of London

·     Lee Mann, Sustainable Sourcing Manager, The Body Shop 

To see the draft agenda, and to get involved as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or attendee, just email natasha.bodnar@innovation-forum.co.uk

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