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Any reader views on the changed blog template?

Because I look at this blog more than anyone else (as the author one would but that does feel narcissistic) I get bored with the template some times.

Google bought Blogger and then has, as they so often do, done little with it when presumably they didn’t make much money.

This seems like a mistake to me, given there are lost of blogspot blogs out there and they feature fairly high in Google’s own rankings.

So anyhow, the blog has limited template options. I’ve simplified the blog template from the previous and I wondered if any readers had any views.

Is this one better or worse? Does anyone care, or are we in this situation? (see below)

Let me know please…unless you are busy or asleep, or busy being asleep.


  1. Corin millais

    Hi Tobias

    Not bothered by the template, as long as you continue to write interesting, pithy and short stuff on csr. Can't say I noticed the change.

  2. Janette

    I donĀ“t care about the template! I really appreciate all your blogs. You are wonderful. Sincerely, Janette