Analysis of the “classic” corporate responsibility mistakes in history

Here’s a link to an excerpt from one of our recent publications, “Classic CR Disasters”, more details of which are available here.

We’re adding some new cases to it soon, such as Tepco and a couple of others. Meantime here’s what it covers so far:

The Bhopal disaster
Exxon Valdez
Brent Spar
Kimberley Process
Big Pharma and HIV

Download the McDonald’s case here in one click and if you’d like to see the others, contact my colleagues.

The McDonald’s case linked above is still highly relevant today.

In the modern world of twitter, injunctions and super-injunctions, companies are still finding out that you can’t gag people, not with social media outlets unable to control their users, so far at least.

That creates its own problems of course, angry people can cause even more damage with the wrong information.

This risk means alliances, collaboration and a reputation for honest engagement is all the more important.

Nothing makes the business case for corporate responsibility quite like the wrong kind of twitter hashtag.

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