Amid green gloom, some good news…

It’s all too rare we see a ‘good news’ environment story.

But even sceptical editors at the Guardian had to let this one through:

Plastic bag charge hailed as a huge success

The Guardian says that the Waste & Resources Action Programme claims that the “total number of bags in UK circulation fell from 13.4bn in 2006 to 9.9bn last year”.

That still represents 400 per household. Hell of a lot isn’t it?

The success of the 5p Marks and Spencer bag charge, (although in smaller stores you see lots of small bags still handed out for free, since they have little choice) shows how taking a leadership position on sustainability really can reap rewards.

Tesco have taken a different approach, offering one Green clubcard point for every bag reused. They say bag use is down 50% since August 2006 (that sounds like a LOT), unless the Guardian has got it wrong.

Stories like this in the media are incredibly important. They show how big companies can make a major difference to the environment, and demonstrate to consumers that they too, can be part of the change.

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