AccountAbility’s accounts posted online

If any readers have been following my recent posts on the topic of an NGO/multi-stakeholder research think tank, becoming a ‘non-profit’ consultancy and the questions that then arise, here’s a file some of you might be interested in.

It’s the most recently available accounts from AccountAbility. Publicly available of course. This blog is not WikiLeaks (yet!).

Those in charge at AccountAbility have tried to convince me that the first priority for the new consultancy, which will remain ‘non-profit’, is financial stability, putting some cash in the bank, before any of it is shared out.

Seems to me though, on reading these accounts, that money is not that much of a problem for them.

A lot of the cash seems to have come from members when it was not a consultancy. It will be interesting to see if they renew on the new basis. Perhaps that is why AA are concerned about cash in the bank.

We’ll be publishing an in-depth analysis of what’s happening over there in our March edition of Ethical Corporation.

Here’s a direct link to the accounts download on slideshare.

Here’s the document embedded in the blog, also downloadable I think:

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