The absurdity of fake green rankings

As many readers will know, I believe rankings on corporate responsibility that are not issue based in a very focused way are, at best, utterly nonsensical.

There are many reasons for this. It’s not just that I dislike them for being of no value. There are other reasons too.

Some earlier posts as to why are here, and here.

Here’s another “let’s flog some ads/sponsorship to companies ranked” approach ranking from those sustainability experts at Newsweek.

They call it “Green Rankings“.

In their esteemed view, and I love this, Total, the recalcitrant French oil company, scores higher than Unilever, probably the most engaged company of its size on the planet when it comes to sustainability.

Brilliant, you couldn’t make it up.

Do you notice how in their top 20 there is not a single firm with serious direct environmental liabilities?

So, what does this tell us? That pharma companies are ‘naturally greener’ than oil firms? Hold the front page!

Does anyone, I mean anyone out there, take these seriously? Do tell…

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