Circular Economy

A Circular business model strategy, how to create one and is it worth the effort?

Here’s a link to a webinar we hosted recently on the circular economy, the first of two.

This one looks at why leading companies are adopting the concept. 

About three hundred executives took part, and it seemed to go quite well. 

This discussion is focused on commercialisation, to analyse whether the circular economy movement is just another sustainability initiative that will pass or whether it has real potential to grow business. 

Points debated: 

• Is circular economy all that different to what they (and businesses in general) have been doing up to now? 
• What are the key strategic considerations when composing a transition strategy to a circular business model?
• What will their circular business strategies entail in terms of goals and timelines? 
• How will the circular model they are planning help their business make more money? 
• What role will the current recycling industry play in a circular economy? 

• Marcel Jakobs, director supplier sustainability, group procurement, Royal Philips 
• Forbes McDougal, head of circular economy, Veolia 
• Martijn van Loon, project manager, research, development and innovation, Akzo Nobel 
• Justin Keeble, managing director, Accenture Strategy, Sustainability Services, Europe, Africa and Latin America

Innovation Forum will also be hosting an event on “The Living Carbon Economy: Biomass, Cellulose and Trees – what they mean for successful corporate sustainability in the very near future“. The conference will be held on November 19-20 in London. Email if you’d like to be involved.

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