1990’s style Greenwash from Asia Pulp and Paper and Cohn & Wolfe

Asia Pulp & Paper are becoming increasingly desperate.

Isolated by almost all big corporates to whom they used to supply, abandoned by all NGOs who are not a badly-masked front group in their pay, they are now going back to tactics we don’t often see these days.

This is a desperate company with a desperate, cash-strapped PR firm (Cohn & Wolfe) coming up with bad ideas that wouldn’t convince a blind amoeba with exceptionally poor judgement who happens to be having a particularly bad day, even for a moment.

What’s the plan? A new corporate website on rainforests and how APP is trying to protect them, whilst er, cutting them down.

The site is all about “open dialogue”, in which case why haven’t they invited a single credible NGO (how about the Forest Trust?) to contribute an unedited article or post?

Our contributing editor Brendan May offers some analysis of this latest round of outdated PR guff on his blog and it’s well worth a click: “More PR nonsense from Asia Pulp & Paper“.

APP is a company that will soon, if it hasn’t already, become a case study in corporate recalcitrance in the face of proven science and good practice.

I teach them to my MSc Corporate Responsibility class as a prime example of a business stuck in the past, using old school tactics and getting nowhere.

As a teaching aid, they are invaluable. As a business, ever increasingly unsustainable.

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